Of all the places I have travelled to thus far, one small village in the Swiss Alps till this day holds my thoughts captive. The tiny village of  Vals boasts no glitzy city centre, bustling night life or modern sky scraper (not yet that is…I’m sorry Thom Mayne but Vals does not need a sky scraper). Instead this tranquil mountainous region is littered with humble vernacular lodges and quaint barn houses that hosts genuine conversations and honest meals that keep your taste buds yearning for more.


Vals barn house


It is in this recluse of sorts that you’ll find the poetic genius that is Peter Zumthor’s masterpiece, Therme Vals. The architecture humbly tucks itself under the terrain, framing the carefully composed mountainous backdrop, whilst you indulge in the rejuvenating properties of the thermal bath. Never imposing, pretentious or ostentatious, the quartz thermal bath echoes the humble vernacular landscape of the village.


Therme Vals
Therme Vals – Peter Zumthor


If not for the architecture, give Vals a chance to immerse you in its natural beauty, fresh air and snow capped mountains. You just may end up not wanting to leave. I didn’t.

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