The Truth

We’ve been struggling with this write up for quite some time now; not so much for the content but more for what it represents in the grand scheme of things. As we write, we try hard not to regurgitate clichés on how excited we are or how hard we’ve worked. The truth of the matter is that it isn’t always good. Things don’t always go the way you intend it to be. However, despite the unexpected curve balls that come our way, we’ve always had a positive outlook on life. This positive mentality has carried us through numerous obstacles. We crave the positive and in the process made new friends and lost old ones…but such is life. You can choose to wallow in the negative or decide to get up and move on. It is for this very reason we chose to shout about what we love. So the next time you feel life’s got you down, indulge us with a cup of kopi ti-loh and we’ll share with you how It’s All Good!

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