Homemade Hazelnut Cacao Spread

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Chocolate and nuts are two of my favourite things and since I’ve given birth, my craving for these two things seemed to have increased! So naturally Nutella was one of my favourite spreads until I learnt to read labels and “surprise, surprise!” sugar is the first ingredient on the ingredient list, which means this product has more sugar than anything else, therefore it’s more of a sugar spread than a hazelnut chocolate spread. However knowing this fact does not take away my liking for the taste of Nutella, hence, I set out to make my own hazelnut cocoa spread that’s healthier. If I were to put a label on my homemade “Nutella” jar, hazelnut would be first on the ingredient list!


Taste-wise? It’s definitely hazelnutty, with a dark chocolate undertone and just a hint of coconut due to the coconut butter used. I toasted my nuts for a deeper flavour but you can keep them raw if the nuts are very fresh and you prefer a raw nut butter spread.

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