Avocado Hummus Cucumber Boats

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For the longest time I “dared not” eat hummus because I thought it was made from a copious amount of dairy cream or butter due to the look and texture of this dip. I’m not allergic nor against the consumption of dairy product but I simply do not like the taste  of too much of it. For some reason I decided to taste a teeny weeny bit of it at a Christmas pot luck party a few years ago and BAM! That was it, I was hooked. Ever since than I’ve attempted to make hummus on a few occasions and the flavour was delicious but the texture just wasn’t smooth enough.




This morning I had a hankering for some ultra smooth hummus with the fresh Japanese cucumbers I just bought yesterday so I decided to make a batch of it with the can of chickpeas in my pantry. And as I was taking the cucumbers out from the chiller, I spotted an avocado and thought I might as well whizz it with hummus. That addition of avocado resulted in the smoothest hummus I’ve ever tasted but it hardly altered the traditional lemony and garlicky taste of it.

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