Avocado Garlic Toast Two Ways

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When I only get to prepare dinner for myself at 10pm, I need something quick and not too heavy. Last evening I was in such a situation. So I made myself a scallops and orange salad and wolf it down within minutes because I needed to put my baby to bed. As I was breastfeeding her I was thinking about what I could fix as a second course after she’d fallen sleep as I felt unsatiated. A quick run through my mind on what I had in the fridge and I decided on avocado toast because it’s easy and avocado makes almost everything good, somewhat like chocolate!

It seems odd sharing a recipe on avocado toast (because it’s so simple) but trust me this is no run-of-the-mill avo toast, it IS the best version I’ve made and tasted, if I may say so. The combination of flavours and different textures made my mouth do a happy dance! And I think if you like avocado, you need this Avocado Garlic Toast in your life right now too!

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