When I only get to prepare dinner for myself at 10pm, I need something quick and not too heavy. Last evening I was in such a situation. So I made […]

Avocado Garlic Toast Two Ways

  Of all the places I have travelled to thus far, one small village in the Swiss Alps till this day holds my thoughts captive. The tiny village of  Vals […]


Chocolate and nuts are two of my favourite things and since I’ve given birth, my craving for these two things seemed to have increased! So naturally Nutella was one of my […]

Homemade Hazelnut Cacao Spread

For the longest time I “dared not” eat hummus because I thought it was made from a copious amount of dairy cream or butter due to the look and texture […]

Avocado Hummus Cucumber Boats

Privately, Felicia and I were debating on what to name the latest addition to our family. After much research, we soon agreed on Ayla, which means two things: the moon’s […]


I cannot emphasise the need to experience life for more than what it seems within our own precious microcosms. While the clichéd wanderlust bucket lists flood my daily feed, I […]

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